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A Caribbean Love In

Valentines day is a well loved tradition in the bright air of Jamaica. The island is famed for its vibrant culture and easy going spirit, so it’s hardly surprising to see them embracing what is essentially a festival of love and passion. When February rolls around, the whole nation gets in the spirit, and the lively colours of Valentines adorn everything. Everyone from Jamaican escorts to children wear red and white, the colours that are traditionally associated with the event. It’s almost overbearing in its vivacity, and if such a display was put on in England or many other European countries, it would be seen to be gaudy and overly ostentatious. The Jamaican spirit carries it through though, and those visiting at this special time of year can’t help but marvel at the swirl of excitement that is unfolding before them.

A few natives have grown a little tired of red and white. To them, love is an ever refreshing, perpetual blur, an entity that should not be celebrated with a set pairing of colours but with the whole spectrum. They add some variety to proceedings with their brightly coloured garments and banners, which range from deep, regal shades to frivolous luminescent bursts. They explore the romantic palette and find the variations that really shine through. Maroon, for example, is a colour that suggests deep and almost reckless passion, a full blooded love of epic proportions, a star crossed shade worthy of Shakespeare’s lovers. Pink meanwhile, is a more gentle, innocent shade that is appropriate for younger couples and for those that may not yet be in a serious, head over heels relationship. It has more of a sweetness to it and, like many of the lighter colours, it doesn’t reverb with subtle erotic connotations. The final member of the romantic palette is purple. Purple is generally seen as a very feminine colour and it allows one to show a stronger bond than pink, without committing as much as maroon. It is also a traditional colour of regency in Europe, which lends it an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Outside of the derivatives of red, there are a whole host of other colours that may more subtly suggest romance. Those planning on wooing a beautiful Jamaican escort should consider buying her something green. Although many westerners don’t realise it, green is the colour of royalty in the caribbean, making it the perfect compliment to any stunning lady. Lavender is also a solid bet: it’s soft tones imply romance and enchantment, the sort of soft love that makes most women swoon at the sight of it.

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